Doesn’t Play by the Rules. It Makes Them.

Fraud operators have been using sophisticated IMEI schemes, SIMBOX applications and other devices to trace network traffic and swindle carriers out of an estimated US $80+ billion in revenue every year. Unfortunately, legacy systems and software solutions have not been able to prevent this over networks. But Go Tel Telecom’s Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance System changes the paradigm.

Unlike other solutions that chase after the traffic and fail, FAS combines cutting-edge SVM (Support Vector Machines) Machine Learning (ML) and robust ‘In-Memory’ technologies to identify suspicious traffic patterns and origins at its root -- before revenue-robbing traffic gets downstream. The GOTEL’s breakthrough technology allows carriers to correlate XDR, Aggregated and Subscriber XDRs instantly and apply data tools to call records to identify origins and traffic deviation so as to implement preventive measures in real-time.

FAS not only helps carriers to prevent fraud but comes equipped with extensive billing and data mining tools to free-up back-office resources that can be applied to other areas of the business. FAS contains more than 250 predetermined Rules built-in to the solution to detect every possible fraud scenario, including the capability to observe traffic patterns or suspicious network behavior that could read to fraud in real-time.

Set rules easily to compare and verify lists quickly, A-Number, B-Number, IMSI, IMEI, country and so forth. It can detect and stop complex SIMBOX cases and can track suspicious traffic, such as high call diversity, unusual usage, SMS, roaming irregularities and calls tied to low tariffs, to name a few – and all in real-time. FAS also enables carriers to block IRSF numbers, PBX hacking, and SIM stuffing and create Rules with Boolean Logic to establish new case conditions to keep ahead of any new fraud scenario that might hit their networks.

FAS’s smart assurance functions allow Billing to become a highly efficient front line player. The solution instantly verifies tariffs and ratings, and computes single, daily, weekly and monthly interconnect charges to ensure usage is in line with provisioning. All incoming data is screened and corrected to eliminate costly back office manual processes. In addition, FAS gives a flexible configuration of multiple streams in order to ‘compare streams,’ such as Switch to Bill and Switch to Prepaid, for instance. Along with automated monitoring to track and ensure compliance, reconciliation reports can also be generated and aggregated daily, weekly and monthly.

International Voice Termination

GoTel Multiple and a robust TDM/IPX/IP/MPLS network make it the perfect choice for international carriers, operators and providers looking for high-quality global voice termination. GoTel Telecom Europe offers wholesale voice services and premium quality routes for Tier 1 carriers, calling card providers, and long-distance carriers based on the advanced global telecommunications network. We offer IVT services and high-quality voice in over 200 countries, including the U.k., U.S. and Europe and all Asia-Pacific countries.

Direct Connections to the World’s Leading Carriers

GoTel capability is served by international and domestic gateway switches globally offering resilient and direct connections to leading carriers.

Latest Soft switch and Gateway Technologies

Utilization of the latest soft switch, SBC and media gateway technologies to ease our customers. Enjoy network efficiency benefits from one connection placements for voice and data application over GoTel global MPLS backbone.
We have installed a sophisticated automated routing mechanism to prevent delays or manual intervention. We have also implemented automated testing equipment to ensure that service levels meet or excel industry standards which include regular testing of our CLI-guaranteed routes through carefully-selected partners.

Termination via 300 International Operators

We are offering guaranteed delivery of our premium services including roaming, CLI, and fax through direct connections to a growing list of more than 250 plus carriers and international operators for best-quality termination.

Direct Connections to the World’s Leading Carriers

GoTel capability is served by international and domestic gateway switches globally providing resilient and direct connections to leading carriers.

Avail the cost and network efficiency benefits derived from a single connection.


  • A geographically resilient class 4 network
  • Supports IP(VoIP/FE/GE, SIP-I/SIP), IPX (FE/GE, SIP/SIP-I) and TDM (E1/T1/DS3/STM-1/OC3, ANSI/ITU/ ETSI/ISUP, ANSI/ETSI PRI) network access.
  • NGN enabled remote switching.
  • Round-the-clock customer support provided by our multilingual voice specialists
Key Features
  • Full interoperability between supported protocols

  • Guaranteed delivery of Service to a growing list of more than 250 plus carriers and international operators for best-quality termination

  • Cost-effective termination for Standard Service through more than 300 interconnected carriers operators.

  • Dynamic call-routing changes ensure price and performance benefits are passed on to customers as swiftly as possible

  • 24/7 network management, surveillance and maintenance by GoTel Telecom AG's Voice Network Operation Centre (VNOC)

  • Round-the-clock customer support is provided by our multilingual voice specialists

  • Our active call and network monitoring to identify and restore potential problems.