Faxes Through VoIP

Internet faxing is the most modern and flexible form of faxing.

This process converts your files and documents into data packets to transmit all such files that can be attached to an email, thus removing the need for separate fax machines and phone lines. Our bottom line comparisons of the top online fax services aim to provide online fax service providers best and reliable service based on pricing, reliability, backed by customer reviews.

VoIP GoTel Telecom is an excellent enterprise VoIP service that also offers computer-based faxing or Faxes over IP. Thanks to built-in support for the T38 protocol, organizations have a reliable method of sending and receiving faxes.
Faxing over IP also allows organizations to get the benefits of digital services which is another benefit of it. Though faxing through conventional phone lines was perfectly suitable at that time but it made it difficult for organizations to integrate workflow with other systems.

With VOIP, employees can send faxes by simply selecting the file on their computer. There is no need to go down to the fax machine separately. This also eliminates the extra step of actually printing out the document because most of the paperwork is now sent digitally. The fax can simply be printed out at the other end digitally thus removing the need for fax machines altogether. The same is applicable in the other direction as well – employees can receive faxes on the computer as digital images and only print them out if it is necessary. This process means employees can receive and send faxes even when they’re away from the office. It also reduces the amount spent on printing supplies by the organization and the need to file, store or shred unwanted documents.

Benefits of Online Faxing Service

Internet faxing takes an otherwise almost outdated process and converts it into a modern medium that utilizes our standard internet connections. Removing the reliance on standard phone lines and old school fax machines, the benefits of online faxing are fairly easy to see on the surface.

  • No Need for Standalone Hardware or Software

    Online faxing completely removes the need to have a dedicated fax machine with its own dedicated phone line. Less things required to make the process happens means less things to go wrong, and this is especially true for hardware. Without a dedicated fax machine there will be less need for maintenance and repairs, less clutter around the office, and even greater mobility for your workers.

  • Increased Mobility

    Because internet faxing utilizes either a web-based GUI, your own email account or even smartphone apps, faxes can be sent from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection. If employees are traveling or on the go, or even working from home, hours will no longer need to be spent tracking down a working fax machine just to send or receive one single document. Online faxing also allows users to send and receive more than one document at a time, and even send a document to multiple recipients.

  • Added Confidentiality

    Faxes sent to an email account are far more private than just the public fax machine used by every worker in the office. Or that public fax machine in your hotel. Faxes are used mainly for legal documents, in which confidentiality can be of the highest priority for users. With everyone delegated to your own private email, it’s much easier to ensure your files are seen only by your eyes.

  • Reduced Phone Costs

    Without the necessity of a stand-alone phone line and any charges from your phone company associated with sending faxes, it’s a no-brainer that your phone costs will go down. Most online faxing services offer a subscription-based program to allow for unlimited faxes sent and received at one monthly cost. Other services charge per fax but can be less than a dollar a page. The only cost beyond these would be your standard internet subscription.

  • Simultaneous Faxing

    Shedding the dependency on a fax machine and phone line and instead of moving to the internet allows for simultaneous faxing. Send or receive as many faxes as you need at the same time, and each one will turn up as its own individual email to keep everything neat and organized. Less time spent faxing means more time spent being productive.

  • Email Focused

    Online faxing fully integrates into a preferred e-mail address to keep things private, organized and most importantly, paperless. No longer will you have to track down an open and working fax machine as every fax you receive will find its way directly into your email inbox. Sending faxes can be done directly through email as well, just send an email with the recipient’s phone number and supplied domain name in the address line.