SMS for Businesses
    and Wholesale Consumers

Premium Two-Way SMS Service

GoTel SMS is one of the few SMS operations services in the world that offers Mobile terminating and Mobile Originating SMS service to our customers. Our users can send single or campaign oriented branded SMS to their customers anywhere in the world.
Final SMS recipients can also text our customers back, responding to the texts. At GoTel, we are driven by the passion for making communication convenient and efficient as possible for businesses around the world.
We have multiple standard routing plans; any plan can be customized to meet the requirements of your organization.
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Because We Make Sure Your Message Is Delivered


What We Are Offering To Customers


GoTel SMS for Business

Get Noticed Within Seconds

Over 95% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery, making it the most effective, efficient, and affordable branding solution. We at GoTel are enabling global connectivity for businesses by providing the most affordable and globally connected SMS delivery service.

Currently, we are directly operating in 47 countries on 3 continents, covering over 78% of global telecommunication services.

  • Premium routing partners
  • Enabling global branding
  • Low cost, high effectiveness
  • Instant delivery worldwide

GoTel SMS Services Quality Management

We are proud of our No-Holiday 24-hours active Network Operations and Support Team. After the successful implementation of services to our client, our Network Quality Assurance team remains on standby for the next four days, and in case our client needs any assistance.

During QA time, our Network Operations Team works non-stop, evaluating the services provided to the client.

  • Extensive post-deployment testing phase.
  • Test every routing partner and node while in QA run mode.
  • Working with iTest Hosted Portal as our SMS text routing evaluation partner.
  • Quick error identification and eradication system

GoTel SMS Dedicated Customer Portal

To provide easy to navigate, use, and control GoTel SMS services, we have built a native Customer portal CRM. Our CRM dashboard can is customizable by the user using multiple modules and reporting tools provided in the platform. Some of the tools we are currently offering are:

  • Quality of the network.
  • Resources available to the customer
  • SMS sent by the customers
  • Number of SMS texts delivered
  • Number of failed deliveries based on various metrics
  • Campaign customization, initiation, and statistics
  • Current and projected charge rates
  • Data usage and cost calculators
  • Convert currencies EUR, USD or GBP

Features That Make Us Best in the Industry

We stand tall with the leading giants in telecom because of our commitment to quality services, customer services assurance, reliable infrastructure, and unbeatable price over value.

We are a registered company in Switzerland with a license to operate and expand our services globally. We are operating directly in 3 continents and over 47 countries around the world, with contracts being negotiated in other leading economies as well.

  • Our SMS services can be SS7 bound with SMPP and HTTP API.
  • Complete SMS MT and MO solution for modern businesses to maximize outreach.
  • Multiple payment plans and packages to give cost control to the customer.
  • All of our customers have a dedicated number provided by GoTel, which works as an end-user contact number.
  • These numbers are licensed from Mobile Operators around the world and are authorized to be used by GoTel users.
  • IP via VPN or Public Internet. Transmission Protocols: SMPP and UCP

We Have Three Standard Routing Plans