Network Wide Protection with Gotel Anti DDoS Protection

Gotel Telecom BGP Network has partnered with Tier-1 Data Centers and multi-carrier networks to provide an automated solution to block volumetric DDoS attacks through its ability to enhance bandwidth capacity and diversity of routes. To further secure a web server, we guarantee a 24/7/365 management and monitoring by expert security staff, as well as performance-based SLAs. The goal is to provide comprehensive protection for the network resources that power your business.


  • DDoS Protection
    Gotel DDoS Protection network can absorb an attack and threats before it reaches a consumer server. It blocks the range of the attacking source IP. During this process of mitigation, some IP addresses may not be able to reach the server, but it helps in keeping your server up and running smoothly.
  • Sophisticated Detection Techniques
    Our network infrastructure includes built-in attack profiles and features, statistical and behavioral analysis methods to identify attacks in progress quickly.
  • Advanced Monitoring System
    Designed to manage network traffic in real-time to identify and block anomalies, malicious attacks, and quarantine packets in traffic.
  • Clean Pipe Network
    Gotel premium network cleans your Internet traffic, eliminating malware, spams, viruses, and other threats without putting stress on your hardware, assuring that your data is clean and secured.

Why Gotel BGP DDoS Protection?

  • Environmental Control: Provides control and maintenance by automated systems.
  • Premium Bandwidth: We offer Premium bandwidth through top-tier service providers, including region dedicated connectivity.
  • On-site Security: Makes it our passion for ensuring that your servers stay active and have a 99.99% uptime all the time.
  • Redundant Power Systems: Lets you enjoy maximum network output by ensuring your BGP server is upgraded with our internationally acclaimed global carrier-grade connectivity!
  • Top-tier Networking Technologies: Unprecedented network coverage across the planet through our satellites today!

Gotel BGP DDoS Protection benefits in controlling how traffic enters the local AS, rather than how traffic exits.



BGP has introduced an infra anti-DDoS construct to keep your server and your client devices safe, providing users with layers of anti-DDoS defense. This method is always at hand to provide strong clean-up of your hosted sites and network grids, setting them free from any potential threats and viruses through augmented filtering, limiting query quota, and the support of early detection plus intelligent mitigation solutions.

Once a BGP server detects a potential DDoS threat, the user will receive a basic IP clean-up and nullification rout of malicious IP addresses. Our mitigation service is carrier-agnostic/neutral; we can redirect your web flow via BGP configuration or DNS redirect onto BGP’s very own global mitigation network for further disinfection. This is done without the interference of carrier signal rejection, assuring all your servers safe and secure without much interruption.

Reports generated through an anti-DDoS network are completed and analyzed by our partners and collaborators to strengthen our resources against outside threats. Preventing DDoS attacks could sound complicated procedure for many, but our DDoS prevention packages are perfectly suitable for the security budget of any business and IT company. We can offer your organization complete prevention against a threat that could deprive you of essential company resources.

Gotel DDoS Mitigation Service

  • Broad spectrum DDoS prevention and protection from L3 to L7.
  • Volumetric clean-up for the application layer.
  • Mitigation models offered.
  • “Always-On” or “By-Demand.”
  • Preventing traffic baselining.
  • Proxy of Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • At Gotel we use a WAF system that uses both positive and negative security models to identify, detect, narrow down and prevent all kinds of sophisticated DDoS attacks with minimal impact on other applications by using the F5 BIG-IP® Application Security Manager.
  • Integrated defender against all L7 attacks.
  • Blocks malicious attacks that include SQL injection, cross-site scripting, forceful browsing, and invalid input.
  • MPLS/VPN Option: MPLS/IP VPN provides extra security by directing web traffic through paths, ensuring anonymity and concealing as traffic is transferred from BGP Global Mitigation Network to the customer datacentre for clean traffic.
  • GRE Option: GRE offers a tunnel system setting a safe and secure path within public networks for clean traffic from Gotel mitigation network to the customer datacentre.
  • Internet Direct Option: Cleaned web traffic is directed over L3.

Flow Based Monitoring

Gotel Operations Centres will monitor every hour, every edge router to identify and suspect anomalies in volumetric flows to provide early warning against threats.

  • Early detection and threat warning system users towards L3 and L4 DDoS attacks
  • Netflow, Sflow and Jflow data evaluation

Gotel BGP Flow Spec

Gotel BGP Flow spec, managed by the BGP Security Operations Centre to enable rapid response to threats, creates reports and notifications that are compliant to ACL rules delivery to any network. It neutralizes DDoS attacks by streamflow control by decreasing network traffic flow to avoid overcrowding.

Gotel Layer 7 Protection

Gotel Layer 7 offers early detection and threat warning system towards L3 and L4 DDoS attacks, tight monitoring massive surveillance, and monitoring to predetermine network rates for traffic with permissions. Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) redirection for intense traffic analysis.


TCP SYN+ACK Slowloris Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP Flood
TCP FIN Spoofing DNS Flood
TCP ACK IGMP Ping of Death
TCP Fragment Brute Force Reflected ICMP & UDP
UDP Connection Flood As well as other attacks