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Gotel Telecom has a high-capacity, completely diversified global backbone and peering infrastructure that makes us one of the leading IP network providers in the world.

Our 3-Terabit global IP backbone provides the highest level of dependable efficiency and is one of the largest IP gateways in Mainland Europe. Our IP Transit service offers telecoms operators, content providers, and Internet data services with reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity, facilitating user access to critical applications conveniently all over the Internet.

Trusted Worldwide

Gotel Telecom offers service providers a 3-Terabit, single AS global IPv4/IPv6 backbone (AS3491) so that you can deliver voice, video, and applications over IP. We have a proven track record of quality that allows us to carry more than 1.5 terabits of customer traffic globally. Our Global Internet Access promises premier performance-based on congestion-free design, supported by competitive SLAs.
Global Internet Access from Gotel Telecom offers premier performance based on congestion free design supported by competitive SLAs.

One of the Largest IP Gateways to Europe

With our extensive infrastructure in Europe, Asia, and Africa, we provide dedicated data routes around the world. We have more than 200G private peering portals in the world.

Quality Peering

We peer privately with major ISPs, ICPs, and data carriers in each region we operate to ensure smooth regional traffic delivery, hence maintaining excellent latency performance. That means we deliver dedicated traffic to every country. We also control peering traffic quality by routing the majority (90%) traffic via private peering connections and less than 10% via public peering points.

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VPN Services

Gotel VPN services are the ultimate solution for business communication. Our VPN services are cost-effective and offer secure, reliable, and digital private leased line circuits for encrypted and protected global connectivity. Gotel Telecom CN2 network is exclusively tailored for high-end users, offering premium VPN services. We provide peer-to-peer connectivity with fully managed, flexible, and secure VPN solutions with outstanding quality.

Gotel Telecom also provides enhanced value-added services to your business, so that you can be sure that your network is secure and working at its peak condition. Our value-added services include Net Care, equipment procurement and leasing, equipment maintenance outsourcing, and global system integration.

Our network isolates critical IT services of your business from the Internet and puts them on a private network. This network can extend to different sites, devices, and users. All of this is done while maintaining the highest level of data encryption and security.

Why Use Gotel IP VPN Solution?
  • Runs on almost any platform.
  • Enterprise-level end-to-end encryption.
  • Uses the public Internet to create an economical and secure private network.
  • Increases mobile workforce productivity by giving remote access to internal services.
  • The security risk is reduced by preventing unauthorized access to specific network resources.
  • Encryption ensuring privacy on non-trusted public access networks.
  • Extends centralized unified threat management to remote networks.
While expanding your business globally, you need a communications partner that works with you to implement everything seamlessly you need for your VPN network - on-time and in-budget. We at Gotel Telecom keep all of your communications running smoothly so that your team can concentrate on the corporate goals and achieve success.

Secure All Your Devices

Gotel works on all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Besides, you can secure multiple devices with a single account, including your smart TV and router.

  • Quick Connect

    With a quick-connect feature, our smart algorithm will find the best possible server option available for you at that moment.

  • Reliable Encryption

    Stay safe when browsing on public Wi-Fi or any other network. Gotel secures your data with military-grade encryption.

  • Blazing Speeds

    Gotel offers servers in 60 countries, assuring fast and reliable VPN connections wherever you are.

  • Experience Online Freedom

    Enjoy streaming websites, social media, and messaging platforms safely without censorship.

  • Kill Switch

    The Kill Switch technology makes sure that your sensitive data is never exposed.

  • Get Support 24/7

    Our dedicated Technical Support and Network Management Team monitor our network on a 24/7 basis so that we detect problems before you report them.

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We design and create a completely custom solution for every business. Your service quote will be prepared and delivered to you within hours of getting a request for proposal and your requriemetns. So, let’s connect.

Gotel Ethernet Solution

Global Business on One Network

Growing businesses are actively searching for improved bandwidth and data transmission capacity with security and privacy to support and serve employees, partners, and customers in a better way. Global Ethernet has proven to be an excellent solution for organizations that require control and security over their network traffic without investing a lot in specialized knowledge or onsite IT staff.

With our Global Ethernet, you can authorize and manage everyone connected to your network, at any time, from any connection. Because Global Ethernet is built on the idea of a local network but spreads beyond international borders, it is an ideal solution for preventing unauthorized access and malicious security breaches within an organization.
Thanks to our top of the line services, we are providing cost-effective solutions to efficiently manage voice, data files, and cloud storage in any organization that is spread horizontally and is operating worldwide.

Why Gotel Global Ethernet?

Most corporations are operating in multiple locations, having any number from 2 to 100+ branches and outlets. Gotel Global Ethernet is an excellent solution for such businesses.

Because most businesses rely on content-rich applications like video conferencing and financial transactions for day-to-day operations, latency can be a problematic issue. Our Ethernet utilizes an easy-to-scale infrastructure with a network management system and global cloud accessibility; therefore, it can provide the reliability, connectivity, and security of your business data needs in everyday communications.

Our reliable, high-performance infrastructure enables you to manage data growth and maximize application performance while enhancing the security of every connected node.

We have built our Gotel Global Ethernet solution on the internet. However, we add another layer of peer-to-peer encrypted security, dedicated IPs, and cloud servers to connect the nodes globally. It allows us to provide premium services to your business at exceptionally affordable prices.

Our Global Ethernet Solution is designed to:

  • Increase Productivity: Enable virtual workgroups to reliably communicate across geographic locations with low-latency connections.
  • Save on Cost: Replace higher-costing static private line bandwidth with a completely scalable, simplified, and dedicated private network.
  • Increased Efficiency: Manage delay-sensitive business applications with multi-level class of service (CoS) application prioritization.
  • Ease of Adoption: Provide your IT staff with familiar technology that is simply an extension of your current office LAN.
  • Security and Control: Secure data traffic by utilizing dedicated, private connections and controlling your routing.

Centralize Your Data and Communication in the Cloud

Efficient communication and data sharing are pivotal to the growth of any organization. This becomes a problem when a business is spread globally. Connectivity and transmission issues, differences in time and work hours, and the inability to access the required information from a remote data center are some of the problems that arise when an organization scales globally.

Gotel Global Ethernet addresses all communication and data problems in a single solution by centralizing everything and connecting all nodes to the cloud. As a result, all communication, data transmission, and information sharing are centralized and conveniently accessible for all authorized portals.

Pay for the bandwidth your business needs when you use it. Create virtual workgroups with management, teams, suppliers, vendors, and outlets. Use switches and routers instead of expensive specialized WAN equipment and share all connected devices with on-net locations, including printers, servers, PBX systems, and cloud-based applications.

Point-to-Point (P2P)

With Ethernet Private Line, companies benefit from:
Reliable, fully committed bandwidth.
Increased flexibility across geographic locations.
Support for a variety of ROI requirements.
Point-to-multi-point connectivity.
Multi-service transport over a single Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) supporting Voice, Video and Data prioritization using the class of service (CoS) model.

  • Scalability

    We offer fully scalable on-demand bandwidth to deliver all your business applications over a single network.

  • Standard Connectivity

    The natural extension of LAN Ethernet gives you fast, easy, and automated management of network connections.

  • Privacy and Security

    Private network connections for customers requiring secure voice, data, backup, and other network services.

  • Application Performance

    High-performance voice and data applications supported, with visible Class of Service (CoS) performance, network reliability, and advanced security.

  • Wide-Area Coverage Options

    Single site, regional, and national connectivity give you great coverage options.

  • Network Monitoring

    Gotel network monitoring and network management expertise minimizes downtime, increases application performance, and meets the latest networking requirements.

  • Pre-Tested Connectivity

    Quickly select from pre-tested, pre-validated, and pre-integrated network voice and data services.

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We design and create a completely custom solution for every business. Your service quote will be prepared and delivered to you within hours of getting a request for proposal and your requriemetns. So, let’s connect.


High Performance Leased Lines

We offer high-performance leased lines to deliver reliable and fast connectivity across your entire organization. This service provides a dedicated and dependable point-to-point connectivity between user points using the underlying transport network.

Gotel International Private Leased Circuit

Our dedicated international private leased circuit (IPLC) works as a point-to-point private line. IPLCs are usually TDM circuits that utilize the same channel amongst several end-users in your network. The nature of time-division multiplexing requires the use of a CSU/DSU and a router. Most routers include the CSU/DSU.

Gotel IPLC is designed to connect any number of remote sites with high-speed, dedicated lines, centralized by dedicated cloud servers working as a router between two nodes. The goal is to minimize latency and any possible interruption in data transmission.

Our high-performance leased line operates on a dedicated high-speed communications link, which consists of a fiber-optic connection to your site. Unlike traditional Broadband, the connection is not shared, and you get the complete bandwidth to your central data router.

We make your time-critical data our top priority so that you can use our voice and video services at the same time as other Internet activity without any loss in transmission quality. Gotel Leased lines can interlink several nodes, end-users, and key business applications without compromising on speed.

Key Features of Gotel High-Performance Leased Lines:

  • On-demand upgrade in speed bandwidth within 30 meters.
  • Unrestricted access to the Internet, without firewall blocking.
  • Assign up to 8 static IP address to end nodes.
  • Installation, setup, and establishing the leased line within one business week.
  • 99.99% stable internet connectivity.
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds.
  • High speed and reliability for real-time application.
  • ISP has a direct connection to international networks.
  • Latency Domestic: < 30 ms, Hongkong: < 50 ms, US ATLANTA: < 240ms , Europe < 260ms
  • Best technical support policy: Phone: 24/7, onsite: 30m, recovery time: 2h
  • Provide dual stack IPv4/IPv6

Global MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

Gotel MLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) service is a state-of-the-art switching technology that provides end-to-end connectivity to link all your international sites to a single IP network and easily integrates new locations and applications. It is the ideal solution for customers with international locations who want to transition from traditional packet-based Layer 2 networks or premises-based VPN solutions to a flexible, efficient network-based IP VPN solution.

Product Features

  • A private MPLS routing domain is provided to your business, which helps to maintain secure Internet gateways to block Internet-based attacks.
  • Simplifies traffic routing by moving the complexity from your premises to the Gotel cloud.
  • A complete solution that allows a partial to fully meshed environment and provides value-added services such as secure Internet access, extranet connectivity, and multicast capabilities on single network infrastructure.
  • High-quality service specially designed to allow you to customize traffic prioritization over a single infrastructure, allowing high levels of performance for voice, data, and video while also providing efficient use of bandwidth and guaranteed SLA.

Why Choose Gotel Leased Line:
  • Quality and Performance

    Our advanced data network and large on-net footprint ensure a smooth passage for your internet traffic.

  • Flexibility

    Flexible and adaptive towards changing business needs because of which bandwidth can be increased on short notice.

  • Guaranteed service

    99.99% guaranteed uptime with our highly reliable infrastructure, backed by service credits along with on-site support in the case of hardware failure.

  • 24/7 support

    We are proud of our award-winning technical and customer support. We are always available when you need expert help.

  • Reliability

    We combine tested products with award-winning service and support, thus making Gotel reliable service.

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We design and create a completely custom solution for every business. Your service quote will be prepared and delivered to you within hours of getting a request for proposal and your requriemetns. So, let’s connect.


Wholesale Voice Services

Gotel Telecom provides wholesale voice services to Telecom Carriers, Service Providers and Business Customers from all over the world. The company has made its contributions to VoIP wholesale markets.

Gotel Telecom provides next-generation solutions of communications delivering superior quality and cost advantages with modern collaboration features to keep your work and clients connected. Voice systems are essential to keep your clients connected and your employees to be productive so that they can strive in today’s global business economy.

Improve business processes with a solution that simplifies communications by combining voice, video, and data into one easy-to-use system. Every business, at some time, experiences productivity gridlock that delays workflow processes which have consequences that slow down an employee’s ability to get the job done as efficiently as possible. For the organization, it can cause additional costs. A hosted solution helps reduce latency in business processes, once fully integrated, enabling employees to communicate easily in a better way. Here is how Gotel VoIP can help its clients.

  • Mobile Termination to roaming codes and Caller Line Identification (CLI) is continually tested and guaranteed to all offered mobile destinations.
  • Routing depth enhances the depth of routing thus ensuring your calls are delivered successfully.
  • Diversity in routing ensuring calls continual to be terminated even during periods of a major cable outage.
  • Online portal access to report with the latest pricing, billing, and traffic information online. You're informed of your account activities.

Fraud prevention: (SBC) Session Border Controller

Prices for a flat rate service are determined based on certain expected user behavior. This kind of behavior in which user subscribe for flat rate telephony and starts reselling it causes financial losses to the operator and overloads the network. To suppress this fraud risk, operators can use session border Controller offered by Gotel to limit and control the number of parallel calls generated by a user as well as the duration and frequency of calls. It also requires SBC to keep track of the user’s behavior over longer time periods. This is better for specialized fraud detection solutions.

Sip Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol connects VoIP phone calls to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It enables you to replace multiple traditional phone lines by running over your data.

Before SIP Trunk

  • Different networks result in inefficient use of bandwidth resulting in higher costs.
  • Limited flexibility to scale to seasonal demand
  • Separate networks for voice and data
  • Time wastage managing multiple vendors
  • No flexibility to update service seasonally

After SIP Trunk

  • Pay costs only for what you need whenever you need it.
  • Flexibility to increase service during peak seasons
  • All traffic on the same network reducing complexity
  • One reliable network provider for voice and data
  • Dynamically allocate bandwidth to meet business demand

Packages for VoIP

    This package delivers the best possible routing for wholesale termination service, providing both the high quality and most advanced features combined with competitive market rates. Our Platinum package routes use direct interconnects primarily via Local Network Operators (LNOs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Regional Network Operator (RNOs).
    This package provides the highest Quality of Service (QoS) at the most market competitive rates. This package enables all routes to terminate via stable and high-quality providers with ISUP signaling features fully supported across the Gotel network. QoS parameters are proactively managed and benchmarked against Gotel's direct routes and highest retail traffic standards.
    Gotel Telecom Silver routing is the best option for clients who need Quality and lowest rate possibilities. QoS is managed stats-wise selecting from LCR. Overflow is sent only to reliable providers.
    This package focuses on price competitiveness, enabling providers to explore opportunities including short-term ones, where Gotel can offer the lowest rates than normally available.


VoIP telephony is becoming a popular mainstream service being used by cost-savvy businesses in all sectors. This technology is cost-efficient, which is one reason for its popularity, with productivity-enhancing features as bonus. Most businesses will make the switch finding substantial savings; however, some issues and regulatory debates still need to be fully resolved.

  • Use a carrier-grade network which is built to support security, redundancy and high availability.

  • Support for local, national, and international dial plans.

  • Direct interconnects with all major fixed-line and mobile operators along with many other licensed operators.

  • Seamless integration with Wholesale partners equipment and cloud PBXs.

  • Full end-to-end support for and facilitation of geographic number portability.

  • Monitoring of usage

  • Highly competitive rates

  • Pure CLI Services

  • SBC, the Secure and reliable solution


Our Wholesale cloud based PBX service empowers aggregators with a faster lead time to market and direct interconnects with all fixed-line and mobile operators. Gotel network is secure, stable and reliable thus offers access to resources that provide 24/7 support and are experts in PBX, VoIP, and business telephone systems.

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We design and create a completely custom solution for every business. Your service quote will be prepared and delivered to you within hours of getting a request for proposal and your requriemetns. So, let’s connect.

Channel solutions you can rely on...

We have a very skilled and dedicated technical support team that is ready to facilitate 24/7. Currently we are operating in 3 continents and 45+ countries around the world, serving clients in all time zones. Reach out to us any time of the day.

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We design and create a completely custom solution for every business. Your service quote will be prepared and delivered to you within hours of getting a request for proposal and your requriemetns. So, let’s connect.